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Jun 13, 2004
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Ok well first of i retired my 4 year old saturn V at lockheed martin last saturday And well im going to get another one this time it will be better because i built the last one when i was 9 years old it wasnt bad but wasnt the best!

specs for new Saturn v

(what im going to have)

1. 36" american flag nylon chute
2. amazing paintjob
3. cluster of 1 E and 4 D's(on the bells) or 1F on center bell
4. new details to the rocket the set doset come with
5. inside launch lug
6. ply-wood center rings
7. Balsa wood fins
8. foam injected fairings

This one will be lauched at lockheed only they provide a's through e's and lauch pad and wadding!

My rocket has to be perfect because the Saturn v has to be a crowd pleaser because it is the biggest rocket there and everone watches so.........thats one reson im going to have the american flag parachute!

Well anything else someone thinks i should have on it would be much appreciated! i have 200 bucks so i can do alot with it!

Thank you for your time!
I decided to retire my 05-08-1970 built Satrun-V on its 139th flight (our club Section number) at Goddard Space Flight center commerating the 30th anniverary of Apollo-11's landing on the moon. the last flight was 07-18-1999. A fairly grand way to retire a favorite 29+ year old model.

Since then I've been trying to decide which of the 3 or 4 Estes Saturn-V's I want to build??? Which ever I do it will be a 5 motor D12 /C6 cluster. using the standard construction methods, Maybe a little extra reinforcing at the bell fairings but that will be it. She's on the list.. but way down the list:(
Originally posted by DaSquriel
This one will be lauched at lockheed only they provide a's through e's and lauch pad and wadding!

Can you tell me where LM provides these motors? Are you in California, Texas, or Georgia? (or somewhere else?)
Well it is in california in the bay area and for rovket day they provide motors!
Ok well im going to be making my own cusom 1/75th scale saturn V ok so i will need some help on this seeing how it has to be perfect and such!

So anyone no some really good sites besides ninfinger!
Ok it will actuly be 1/76th scale it will be just like the skunkworks rocket just half the size and i need some help like suggestions on how to make the raps and stuff?
Do a web search on Peter Alway and/or George Gassaway. You may need to include another key word or two in your search to keep the results related to model rocketry and scale data.

Those two are the authorities, as far as I know. You'll at least find some links to publications by one or both that will be very helpful.
ok i found a very good scaled picture of it and printed it out to 1/76 scale! so i can work of that so well!

I need some places to go for these parts

1 piece of 27 5/8" long by a 5" diameter tube
1 piece of 10.5" long by 3.5" diameter tube
1 piece of 7" by 2" diameter piece of tube
1 piece of 2.5" by .5" piece of tube

so if anyone has any of these or knows were to get them it would be apreciated and phelonic tobe or quantum tubbing or kraft tubing would be cool!
You can come close to those sizes but you won't be able to hit them right on.

I am at a loss as to why you picked 1/76th scale.

When I do a scale project I look at the tube availability first and see how close to the size I want I can come.

Your best bet is the 1/70th scale Saturn V from Apogee. It'a expensive but all the parts are there.

Originally posted by sandman
Your best bet is the 1/70th scale Saturn V from Apogee. It'a expensive but all the parts are there.

I recommended the same thing to him also. It'll be really close to the same size as this one, and you won't have to hunt for a buncha parts - they're all there! INCLUDING the highly detailed wraps and whatchamacallits!

Well i have found all the tubes i need for this project so...... im going to need some help on the exterier like what kind of bulkheads stuff like that were to have it break up! stuff like that
I've got all the centering rings and bulkheads you need :D
PM me if you want some quotes
Originally posted by DaSquriel
1 piece of 27 5/8" long by a 5" diameter tube
1 piece of 10.5" long by 3.5" diameter tube

Where did you find these tubes?

You know, you could probably make any diameter tube by first getting the correct sized centering rings. I would say you might want them spaced at about 3" from each other. Next, get some heavy paper, possibly those used for posters (not poster board). You can find them at Hobby Lobby. Now, get the CRs, and have them cut so that a cheap wooden dowel will slide exactly between all the rings. Roll the paper around the little framework you have created, and buy some sheets of Mylar. Wrap the Mylar around the paper. Now, I would recommend you to go to and order some of the fiberglass or carbon fiber sleeves. Follow the instructions and VOILA! A tube to the diameter you need!

Good idea eh?
I found at some mailing places they have 5" diameter tubes and some 3.5" And some 2"
buying the Apogee kit is a really good idea. The one you are proposing is going to be very hard to build (where are you gonna get the wraps and decals) The Apogee kit comes with all that stuff so it will probably be less expensive and closer to scale along with more detail.

BTW mailing tubes are heavy, are you sure this bird will have enough power?
well first of im going to vacu form almost every part so those will be light! like im going to make A vac u form nose cone A vac u form first transition vac u form wraps vacuform farings! so it will be pretty light and basswood fins! Im still trying to find a way to get the 3.5" and 5" i found a clear plastic 2" piece for the top at osh so im still tring to find those 5" and 3.5" tubes any help would be gratly apreciated!
Well DaSquirrel, I thought you said you were planning on putting it on 5 C6's in thhat chat room. I really hoep you have changed you mind because if you haven't thats going to be very very dangerous.
Well im going to make the molds for the parts then vacuform them
And im probobly going to have all 5 e-9's
Hey i was at home depot and they had a 20 foot long piece of 5" od of kraft tubing and was for free so im going to go pick it soon And it will be great!
I can do the decals for you. I missed the scale you decided upon.
well im not sure of the scale so at a later date i will tell you so thanx and how much!
Lol ok sorry for bringing this one back. ;) I just went a head and bought another estes saturn v. I have it all done beside the paintjob and the middle E engine tube and rings. Unfortunatley the american flag chute was destroyed:mad: :( so now i have a green 36" and a red 22" nylon chutes. now u guys r going to laugh but the top the 3rd section isnt perfectly straight . insted of a straight op 90 degrees its more like 85 degrees will this effect the flight thanx