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Apr 11, 2009
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Hi, I'm Matt. This is my first post here. Me and my friend build rockets together. We recently lost our prized Estes Eliminator and we're looking for a suitable replacement. We found an Estes Saturn V, but it was discontinued. We were wondering if there is another manufacturer that produces the Saturn V that has a decent peak launch altitude to it (1,000-1,500 ft.)

Any suggestions?
In addition to the genuine Estes (available through Commonwealth), there are a few other options at various ends of the price spectrum. The Estes, due to collectible nature, will run around $100-150. On the low end is a Dr. Zooch kit--decent looking, fun/easy build, flies on A/B/C motors, sells for about $25. Mid-range would be Saturn Press (Peter Alway) at about $45, flies on C motors. Higher end would be Apogee at about $250, flies on 29mm motors (figure G80 or thereabouts). Among the grandaddies of the all would be Sirius Rocketry's 1/64th scale at $360 or Sheri's Hot Rockets at $460. You can find more about any/all of these at
P.S.--If you wait a month or so, Semroc will be releasing one very similar in size/design to the Estes at around $50. Given their established quality/value, this might be your best overall bet in terms of bang for the buck.
Unless you mod the Estes kit to a cluster or a 29mm motor (which Commonwealth sells a conversion kit for both) you will not get any higher than about 150 ft out of it. It is not a bad kit, I am almost done building mine myself, but I did build it into a cluster.

The Dr. Zooch, while small, will get you some good height, and Semroc should have a great kit when it comes out. Estes is reported to be re releasing their Saturn V but I don't think it will happen.