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Jul 23, 2002
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WOW... I just received my books from Peter and all I can say is....ya gotta get some!!!

I ordered about 8 books including Scale Bash which I highly recommend. Peter was extremely graceful and easy to deal with over the phone and the items arrived swiftly and packaged with care. Even the paper stuffing is worth keeping (Scrap info sheets)!!

Hats Saturn Press

Did you get Peter's Little Book of Goofy Rocket plans? I got one one last week through the NAR. 12 unique plans all worth a look! I'm finishing one called "Buy Space Bonds", kind of a '50s Sci-Fi rocket. A must have! I hope to post pics soon.......loojack
Always LOVED Peter's books. All I can say is that if you are interested in any form of rocketry, GET SOME! You would not know just how hard it is to get all that data, and as one who researches just a few prototypes, I wonder where he has the time! It is his passion, and the love and care and especially love he puts into his books makes them worth more than the cover price!
He is a pleasure to deal with and his books are top-notch.

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