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Jan 30, 2009
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On the NARAM LIVE site there is a vendor with some nice models of small kits of SATURNS. Can anyone tell me something about these? Who is the vendor? Are these flyable kits? I would be interested in some of these...particularly the Block I Saturn! Thanks
I talked at length with the gentleman...Klyde Morris.

I did purchase a Saturn 1 Block 1.

The kits seem pretty good and they are inexpensive ($20 each) but keep in mind...they are mostly paper. You do have to rioll your own tank tubes.

They seem to accomplish their inexpensive model of the saturns.

Like he says in the instruction, "Why spend a lot of money on a scale model that will only rot in a tree or on a power line."

He has most of every version of the Saturn 1 and a Saturn V.

As for the "superior" attitude...I do believe it is all in jest. The instructions are similarly "funny". He is a cartoonist.

I did e-mail him and he did say as soon as he has recovered from NAMRAM, he will open a website, but no time line was given.