Saturn 1B Color Scheme Layouts

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Jan 17, 2009
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Can someone point to some documentation that layouts the color schemes for the various missions including the Skylab missions? I can find pics, but they never show everything needed.

Here is a Link to a paper modeling site that has various Saturn 1B missions modeled. I can't guarantee the accuracy but take a look to see if you can get what you need from some of these. Port/
Here is a link to a drawing I made for the Apollo-7 Saturn-IB:

I am including it below so you can see a preview. But take note that the TRF upload reduced the size and lowered the quality, so use the above link for the original.

There were indeed differences for various missions, but you can use that one as a “default” from which to determine differences of other missions.

If you wanted to pay, then Real Space models has drawings by David Weeks that are the best documentation for the IB’s ever. They include color and markings info. I do not recall for certain, but I believe they document all of the IB color/marking patterns. $25 plus shipping

- George Gassaway

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