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Rob Fisher

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Jan 23, 2004
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Wife took kids & went to friends: a 6 pack & 3 rockets later..........the dinner table.
Spray painting inside! How did you avoid all the fumes?

Did you really need the six pack?

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055
I can see it now... "Mom, how come you're makin' dad sleep out in the camper?" :D :D :D
I can safely say either you have a better 2/3rd like I do, or You've got some big hairy ones! You'll be dead meat for sure if she see the table like that!..Sheeze at least I built a spray booth in the basement:D:D
I used to build on our kitchen table, back when it was a knockaround piece of junk that carried over from my bachelor days (so it was sorta 'mine', and being junky, the missus didn't mind TOO much....). So it had its share of knife marks and CA globs.

When she went out and bought a new, handcrafted Pennsylvania Dutch built-like-a-brick-***house pine kitchen dining set, she gave me a pretty graphic description of the fate I'd suffer if I ever laid a scratch on it.

I've been a good boy.:D
thats what my desk loooks like....

I have spray painted in the house....heat up the basement, open up the bulkhead and put a fan there to blow out the fumes
She supports my hobby, even built a few herself, but...

Painting inside??

I guess you cold climate folks are kinda stuck doing things like that. I'd probably use some sort of exhaust hood in the garage, but that's just me.

It was in the 80's here today. Sunny and calm. Perfect day for cleaning out the garage and the stepkid was painting some of his rockets in the yard.

As for the kitchen table, even though my ex-wife picked the thing out, the current one would still have kittens. :rolleyes:
she gave me a pretty graphic description of the fate I'd suffer if I ever laid a scratch on it.

I remember hearing that same speech!

Hey, come on, he covered it with a sheet of plastic.
I wouldn't be so worried about the table, but more so about where all those little specks of paint landed. ;)

Rob, I like how you added that black to the shuttle express, might have to try that myself. Good luck trimming those gliders, mine needed a bit of tail weight. I added a couple of strips of masking tape to the rear, works great.