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Jan 19, 2009
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Going to do an abbreviated build thread on the 3027 version of the Estes Satellite Interceptor.

Unfortunately, I didn't think to do this until after I started....

So for the tradition picture of parts, you will notice I already papered the fins. I did not paper the one piece as it was too narrow to easily work with

A typical motor mount. Measure and slit the tube to insert the motor hook and glue the centering ring on.

And then the stabilizers. These are not mounted tangent to the tube, so I sanded a slight bevel onto the edge before gluing to the tube.
I used a scrap piece of plexiglass over the instructions to use the alignment figure.

I was unhappy with how one of the stabilizer fins went on so I cut it off and retried.

Then glued on the vertical tail sections

I believe the Crossbow was a derivative of this kit. They basically eliminated the pods on the ends of the wings
After the tail sections were on, I still wasn't happy with that one stabilizer. Cut it off again and re-sanded the bevel. Finally good enough. Guess third times the charm finally worked.

Started gluing on the wing pods and dowels when I noticed the forward strake wasn't in line with the tail :bang::mad::cry:
Why am I making so many mistakes on a fairly simple rocket? Argh!! Cut it off and re-positioned it.

That's a good looking kit, and so far, yours looks good as well. :headbang:
Took quite a while to apply the decals (plus work got in the way)
I find I need to spread decaling out over a couple of nights. Put a bunch on, wait and let them dry, then do more (or else I mess up the early ones)

Final pix

IMG_2018.jpg IMG_2019.jpg
Nice job! I like the display stand also, I need to make some like that.