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Dec 14, 2010
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Northern California, USA
SARG is pleased to announce that they have rescheduled a launch for Saturday, December 17, 2016 at Gibson Ranch Park

Setup will begin at 8:00 a.m and we will start launching model rockets at 9:00. We will conclude the launch at 3. There is an entry fee to get into the park and we will be towards the back of the park.


See website for detail.
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Was a great launch today! Kudos to everyone involved. I know there were a lot of very happy scouts, and my little ones were SO grateful to get to push the launch button a few times. (OK a lot of times).
Thanks again! 15 launches for me today, and all recovered, even the very wayward two stage mid-power.
I sent a nice email to the Gibson Ranch group as well, thanking them for hosting a wonderful event.
And all the launch reports are where? Photos?

I didn't track all the launches, but there were at least 80, maybe 100 total. I'll get some photos and video off the phone here soon. The field is smallish, and the offset with the direction and strength of the wind (out of the SW at I'd say 7-8 MPH, gusts to 10 at times) made angling of the launch rods necessary on most launches if you wanted to safely recover. That being said, I think I only saw one rocket lost to a tree (a scout's alpha) and one non-deploy loss of a beautiful Mega Der Red Max out of all the launches. The rest came down in a very nice field, with low grass to help cushion some harder landings on the rockets with plastic chutes as it was cold and some didn't completely unfurl. I counted about 45-50 in total attendance, with quite a few scout groups and the civil air patrol all representing. The park/ranch there is beautiful with a nice lake and flat green fields dotted with relatively few rocket eating trees. It is definitely a low/mid power field though. I was nervous on any of my birds going over 1000 feet, although I did put up a few that were close to the 1500 foot ceiling. All of which were recovered, including a D12-0 to D12-7 two stage STM-012 that kicked sideways and landed on the small hill about 1/4 mile away.
Looks like the official count was 106 launches.... I added videos to youtube. Here's an example.