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Jan 17, 2009
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Guys! Ya gotta help me out here!

I think I finally got the orders straight...but I'm not sure.

Here is my problem.

When you gents email me for a quote, usually, you go down and click on "email sandman" and ask me for a price.

Then I reply with a quote and you email me back saying yes or no. That's fine BUT....

Now I have two emails for a job, one with your screen name and one with your email name.

Sometimes the second email, which is a reply to my quote email, just has the first name...see where I'm going.

Then you pay me and you may...or may not use your full name which is nothing like you screen name or your email name.

Then you guys send me a money order with a different name, maybe your parents got the money order for you, or you used your wifes' or parent's Paypal.

The problem I just ran into on the last two orders is the fact that both people that ordered have the same first name. And they both just ended their email with just their first name:confused:

I get so confused sometimes:confused:

Please, please, help me out here people! I'm old and I don't remember stuff that easy!:(

Please, send me paper with something on it! ESPECIALLY your address! And what it is I'm making for you. Don't have me just get the address off of the money order or the check...or in some cases...from the envelope's return address.

It seems I'm spending more time cross checking emails to make sure I am sending the right part to the right person.

One of these days...I'm gonna send the wrong nose cone to the wrong person...hasn't happened yet but, it might.

Not asking for much here.

Please send me the following when you need a custom order:

1.) a copy of my email quote.
2.) dimensions of what I'm making you. A drawing, a sketch, anything.
3.) Your full name...not just your screen name, please
4.) Most important! your return address
5.) OK more important...the money:D

Just try to unconfuse me.

Thanks guys,

Hopefully, if I keep taking my medication I won't have to ask you guys to send me your picture too.