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Capt Pete

Jul 24, 2004
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I masked off my fillets but found that some didn't comet out straight or as smooth as I'd like. What's the best technigue to use to sand them? Can I use a special bit on my dremel to straighten them out and sand them smooth? Of course being care not to go through the bt. Anybody like a particular type of Sanding Block / Sponge or just fold a piece of Sand Paper and sand away?

A 5"x 5" of 200grit sandpaper is the the best solution is my oppinion. After it's sanded , water down some woodfiller and paste it over the fillet , now get some 100grit and smooth it down to the texture that your looking for.
I use a round "rat tail" file for the really rough stuff. for finer trimming, wrap sandpaper around the file, or a dowel of suitable diameter.

other folks tell me their Dremels work wonderfully for trimming fillets.
I assume it must be on your Army Hawk....I've used sand paper wrapped around a properly sized dowel.

Also using the dremel to get it down and reshape it and going over with epoxy again. If you notice imperfections when the epoxy is setting up and is still a little soft, dip your gloved finger in alcohol and gently rub it along the joint. You can get the fillets evened out and very smooth.
Some good replies guys thanks. I just used my dremel to trim. Sanded the fillets and now I'm going to use some fill and finish thinned with water over the top and then a final sanding. The rocket should be ready for it's first coat of primer on Sunday.