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May 26, 2009
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Hey all, quick question here. Working on a 98mm bird with AMW 75mm motor casing (with eyebolt hole on top). When I attach the kevlar ribbon through the rocket, can I simply attach it to the eyebolt on top of the motor casing or should I anchor it under the MMT centering rings and then over and on to the eyebolt? Or should I just forget about the eyebolt all together and permanently anchor the kevlar ribbon deep in the rocket?

My concern is that the eyebolt could loosen during ejetion and twist out of the motor bulkhead completely, releasing the rocket to the ground...
Challenger should've tought us one thing..... WHEN IN DOUBT DONT LAUNCH!
If you are worried about the eyebolt backing out thread a nut on the bolt first, screw the eyebolt into the motor then tighten down the nut, lock-nut fashion. It will not back out.
The eyebolt is a fairly common place to hook a recovery system. Make sure it's on tightly, preferably with a nut as dave carver described, and you should be good to go.