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Sep 11, 2002
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Hello Gang,

I just saw that the following was posted on the Yahoo group: Old

"--- In [email protected], "Scott D. Hansen" wrote:

Start stocking up now if you like these kits and/or motors. Once
the supply in warehouses is exhausted, they're bye-bye. Bill Stine
gave our keynote address at NARCON, so the source is pretty reliable. ;-)

It is rumored that Hobby Lobby is going to have a fantastic sale on Micro Maxx stuff in June. They'll be unloading bundles of Micro Maxx stuff. The packages will have 20 or 25 rockets and 50 motors. I forgot the price I was told last night, but will ask my source again and get back to everyone.

Scott Hansen"
Last fall Stine said they were gonna continue the MicroMaxx line! My son's birthday is in two weeks and I got him a MMX starter set, and was planning to pick up one of the A.S.P kits to boot. Guess I better get him a bucketful of motors to go with it. @$&*!!!:kill:
Who makes the kits? Are the Quest things just RTF or do they have kits too?
The buzz at NARCON is that Stine is going to get rid of the MicroMax line *as it exists now*. He's looking at new motor design and manufacturing and hoping to solve some of the problems that exist with the line right now.

Right now, the Quest version of MMX is RTF only, and that is one of the things Mr. Stine was hoping to rectify. He also brought up the launch and ignitor issues. Hopefully, down the road--my eyes would cross), MMX rockets will be easier to cluster, etc.

If you're looking for MMX kits that you have to build (omigod, I'm not even close to having the coordination to do that--my eyes would cross), go to Aerospace Specialty Products. A quick pic of their stuff:

The key word in the report is "as they Currently Exist". Bill was VERY upset with the way toy-biz and the supplier altered the Designs of the RTF's to fit their manufacturing instead of retooling to produce the lighter weight models Quest designed. He told me personally last last year that the RTF Line would be dumped as soon as possible, that there would be a short "dry spell" where no "models" would be available but they had a "very Good" supply of motors that would hold us max'er over until the new "kits" were ready for introduction sometime in late 2004.
I know in business things change I won't comment further until I heard something for Mr. Stine himself.

Building Micro's in no more difficult than working with mini-motor 10.5 and 13mm models. You'd be supprised how much detail you can get, even in the minimum dia .281" dia models, with a little thought, performance while not over 300 feet is very rewarding. What do ya think of this Scale nike-apache?
OK, addl infor on the MMX motors from Bill Stine:

"There are millions presently in stock"

So.... if they go on sale, grab them, hoard them, love them.....
"There are millions presently in stock"

Well, that's enough for me and maybe some for Micromister...the rest of you guys are on your own!

The more I think about Scott Hansen's report the more I have to ask...why are we listening to this fella?

Since Mr. Stine stated last year he was going to dump all the "current stock" of RTF's and launchers, It just makes sense he'd be making some kind of deals with major distributors to unload the 1 and 2 model starter sets as well as any individual RTF model packs he has and possibly bundle with them the older 8 packs of MM-I #5662 .21 n/sec motors. The motors in the plastic casings. Maybe with very nice discounts to move out this OLD stock. Now this is just me guessing, I still haven't heard directly for Bill, I hope to in the next day or so. Remember Toy-Biz flooded the market with their stock mid last year, I was picking up the 15.00 starter sets with2 models and 8 motors for under $5.00 at Toys R Us.
If you like the smaller impulse motor ya might want to buy a case or two of them for the longer 1 sec. delay. I actually like these motors better then the newer .35 n/sec MM-II #5663 motors for models under 8grams. but I'm fairly sure we'll have MM-II #5663 motors for a long time to come.
OBTW...Stine showed up with 2 PALLETS of MMX stuff for donation. Every attendee at NARCON got two RTF birds and an 8 pack of motors. :)
lots of RTF starter sets for 5.99 but no motor packs alone...

Looks like Quest and Hobby Lobby have worked out a deal to sell 10 model sets with 50 motors for 24.99 starting sometime in June.
No exact details on What these 50 motors are but I'm betting they are the original toy-buz, #5662 .21 n/sec 1 sec delay plastic casing 8 motors per pack type. maybe loose packs unknown at the moment. with 10 of the RTF models.
That's a great price for the motors even without the models. works out to about .50 a motor.
As i mentioned earlier I like these longer delay motors for the Micor light weight models 8 Grams in under. I know I'll be scooping up a few of these "Value Packs" in June:D
That is sad news.:(

But you can't beat those prices...I'll have to pick up a Saturn V and a Little Joe II.
Gladiator: I don't understand the "sad news" part?
Let me again relate the conversation I had with Bill Stine about a week after he bought back Quest from Toy-Biz.
We were speaking specificlly about the Micro-Maxx line. He told me in no uncertain terms just how BADLy Toy-biz and the model molding manufacturer had totally Screw-up the light weight designs he and his crew at Quest had designed and provided. He is STILL livid over the whole mess! He told me the CRAP that had come out was absolutely NOT what he had intended the Micro-Maxx line to be and He Is bound and determined to make them right. He told me to watch for some up coming sales to DUMP the RFT toy-biz stuff and likely the #5662 original plastic casing 8 pk motors. He also told me the motor supply in both the old and new motors is HUGE, and should have no trouble holding over the Maxxer's until the new line of reqular Kit type models were ready for release sometime in the fall of 2004. I believe and trust Bill Stine, He's a stand up guy, an a very good business man. I can also tell you if I had Millions of Motors in the warehouse I wouldn't be looking at ordering more until I l turned over at least the majority of that stock.
His intention to dump the RTF line doesn't bother me at all, He's working on a new launcher and igniter system, and real Kit type models. Shoot I've even sent him a couple plans for possible use. I thought when toy-biz dumped their stock last year when Toys R us was selling the large starter sets for 5.00 that was the Sale he was talking about... I didn't realize until recently Quest was also sitting on a huge stock of the old toy-biz RTF models, starter sets and 5662 motors. Which looks to me like what all these Rumors concern.
To that statement: when the current stock of RTF models and 5662 .21 n/sec motors are gone they will be Bye bye. I'm sure it is correct. the silo systems and RTFs will no longer be made or sold. BUT!!! that in NO way signals the end of Micro-Maxx. I expect to see New offering be the end of 2004. unless something really major goes wrong.
I will again stress this is only my understanding of what I believe is happening at the moment. I have contacted Bill directely and am waiting for him to respond. I'm have a feeling he's so ticked with Steve D. for spreading this "end of micor's" poison RUMOR, he needs a few days, I know I would.

I will say again, if you are looking for a really good deal on the older motors which I personally like for the very lightweight models 8 grams and under, when they do hit the market in the 10 model/50motor bulk packs for about $24.99.. that's is a fantastic bargin.. and personally plan to take 4 or more set off their hands:D
Don't Panic.. I firmly believe Micro-Maxx will be with us a good while longer.
Hay don't forget... the Nar is trying to get a Pink book rules change passes this cycle to make a new impluse catagory for 1/8thA (Micor-Maxx) motors.
Sorry for being so long winded!

Dedicated Micro-Maxxer
Basically, this is how I understand it.

The Micro Maxx line is dead...those are the crappy ready to fly models...those are dead...


Stine has MILLIONS of motors still in stock...ok that's good to hear! We don't need to hord motors.

I guess...if you want could hord the plastic ready to fly sets with the dumb silo...go ahead. Keep 'em with your Estes Star Wars stuff!

Personally all I ever use is a piece of piano wire for a launch rod and make my own launch pad.

Micro Maxx motors are not dead!

The ready to fly Micro Maxx models are dead...big deal!

Still...nothing sad here.

Well, since I started this thread, I guess I should do my best to end it. THis issue has been hot on Yahoo: Oldrockets as well. To settle it, Kevin Wickart emailed Bill Stine and he posted the response:

"It never fails...have ten people ask Bill Stine about the fate
of MicroMaxx, and ten similar but subtly different answers are
reported. I chalk it all up to the questioners reading between the
lines in their individual ways.
In my own self-interest I wrote to Bill and asked him
point-blank about it, leaving out any additional requests for
information on new D and E motors, kit lines, or anything else that
might muddy the waters.

Here is *exactly* what I asked him yesterday:

> What is the official status and projected future of MicroMaxx,
> particularly the motors?
> The most believable information I can glean from the ongoing
> "telephone game" discussions is that (a) MicroMaxx as we know it
> is a dead product line, but (b) Quest is seriously considering
> continuing the concept in a line of tiny "build them yourself"
> kits that use the same motors.

...And here is *exactly* what he replied.

> Re: Micro Maxx
> You are correct. Current line is dead.
> I have millions of motors and igniters, so the line will
> re-surface as
> you described sometime in the near future.
> No need for anyone to panic and buy up tons of motors.

So, there we are, right from Bill himself. A wag on Oldrockets has already dubbed theis issue: MICROSCARE !!

I am sorry for starting a scare, I guess that I should have aksed this question myself before posting.

This also probably explains why the RTFs are on sale, but not the motors...
Same thing I've been saying since ya started the thread fred! As a major Micro-maxx user, I will certainly agree with sandman. good ridens to the RTF's.
I'll be building & flying Custom Micros for a least the rest of my lifetime. Hope the rest of you will join in at some level.. they are truely a blast to build and fly:D

Speakin of which I just finished flocking a pair of Art Applewhite all cardstock "Qubit" Micro Maxx Dice.. No pics yet but they are Soo funny! flocked in narhams blue of course;) Didn't look to bad hanging from the Rear view of my van last weekend had planned on flying them but it was JUST TOOOO windy!:)
micro, your fuzzy dice (even tho they were not yet fuzzy) were a hoot. My question is: are you going to transplant them to the Christmas tree or build new ones for ornaments :)
One last post to this thread to put all rumor to bed.
if this works the attachment below will be the text e-mail I recieved from Mr. stine on friday March 19, 2004.
It would be very hard to twist this message into anything other than Good new for long term Micro-Maxx flyers:D
Well, I would say that this message not only puts anyone's doubts to bed, but gives us all more info than we had hoped for, esp in the way of details! Thanks forporting it!!
:homer drooling mode on: aaaaaaaagggh, a million motors :homer drooling mode off:

I bet Bill has more motors than all the rest of us combined :D
Darnit! Nobody likes those silly little RTF rockets with silos? The local hobby shop has tons of those things.... I thought I could make a buck or two auctioning them off on ROL or something...:(

I tried a few MMX motors... I fail to see the exitement. Less smoke, less flame... less altidude, less ROAR.... WHats the point?;) :D :p But thast just me. Please dont kill:D ;) I really prefer the BIGGER motors... Say... Es, Fs, Gs, Hs, Is, Js, Ks.... But they are entertaining for in yer yard launches... But so are matchstick rockets:rolleyes: . Or so I hear... my parents still wont let me use those things....:kill:

A massage from Mr. stine? hmm.... ;) Im sure you meant "message"....:p
occasionally it is fun to launch micro max, I mean I spend days just getting big 6" tubes ready for rockets, sometimes its fun to build a little rocket in 2 minutes and have a little launch. Some people cant launch HP and they can be fun for them too
Yeah, but even Estes motors are even more readily availible than MMX... Id just as soon launch some As or something. But thats just me...:) :rolleyes:
Hehehe, somebody *please* figure the equivalent impulse of a million MMX-II motors :D
That's the quick and easy part, how about the NAR letter designation? :p