SAAB 372 Scale Request for Scratchbuild for Andy Greene and others. FREEWARE ONLY.

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UTC SEDS 2017 3rd/ SEDS 2018 1st
Sep 22, 2017
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Included in additional files are the open rocket and solidworks part files to manufacture SAAB 372 in 54mm airframe tube with 38mm MMT tube through professional printing service Xometry.

-Recommend SLS 3D print in Nylon 12 the nosecone, jig, and aft transition pieces.
-Recommend cut to length Madcow or Wildman HPR 54mm airframe thin wall FG tube.
-Recommend centering rings from Wildman 54mm to 38mm MMT.
-Recommend Wildman or other phenolic mmt tube check OR file.

A TRF Freeware HPR? Are you outta your mind? Nope. Giving back to the community.

Please read the readme in zip folder. You will need to verify then add additional mass to nosecone with counterweights for stability based on L-1/L-2 motors flown. I have basic default counterweight enabled which you can edit.

Please leave feedback. If additional files or schematics are needed, just post a response.

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It'll give someone the ability to print the power series nose and tail parts and that way all they have to do is cut a tube to length then cut out fins of 3/32" fiberglass or whatnot. Aft piece is slotted for 3/32" fin thickness.