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Jan 18, 2009
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Coming soon there will be a new club here in Illinois.

It will be called Southern Illinois Rocketry Society.

I will be giving more details when they come
The web site for S.I.R.S will be coming soon it will include launch photos and a little about each of us
Ok, had me excited for a minute there. I can be in Southern IL, in 20 minutes, but that still leaves 6 hours driving to reach the Northern end of it :)
We will be having our frist club launch for low/mid will be any rocket under 1lbs launch site to be determined of either Pocahontas (at my home) or Alhambra park weather permiting
Our first launch will be held at Pocahontas park June 27 at 1:00pm it will be a low/mid power launch all rockets welcome under 1lbs
This Sunday at 1pm at Pocahontas park It has ben changed to Low power due to the amount of field space and it will raise the rocket recovery level due to trees and homes But S.I.R.S web site is under construction
Will be having our monthly club launch at Greenville park at 1:00pm