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Thats a good one - although I've tried emailing the webmaster for larger pics of the Buran facing images on its own page with no success so far.

A few others:

Personal Buran site:

Great model:


Russian Space resources page:

Scale drawings of Energia-Buran:

Originally posted by DavRedf
Yet another site that I found. This one has pics and info on Russian launch vehicles.

Some of these would make good models.
Let me know what you think.


I love a lot of the russian rockets. I have some sketchy details about the FROG and am hoping to put out a sport scale of that some day.
I've built Peter Alway's sport-scale 18mm Vostok. That's a great bird - flies like a dream...and looks great tearing into the sky... but make sure you've got a chute bigger than 12 inches :rolleyes: oy, am I an idiot...