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Jan 19, 2009
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Welcome to The Rocketry Forum (TRF)!

1. The goal of TRF is to provide an environment where everyone can kick back, relax, and be comfortable. To that end, certain topics are off-limits -- politics, sex, and religion. Obviously, politics will enter into a lot of discussions, in some regards, especially when discussing such rocketry-related topics as regulations that impact the hobby or human space flight. In addition, many holiday greetings, by their nature, have a religious aspect to them. These are acceptable.

2. In terms of language, images and any other communication, think in terms of what is acceptable in the typical High School. If it's appropriate in that environment, it's appropriate here. Derogatory mis-statement of user or company names are the exception, and are not acceptable.

3. Posts encouraging or supporting illegal activities are to be avoided. This doesn't mean you cannot discuss the trouble someone got into by violating the law. What it does mean is that promoting or encouraging illegal behavior is not acceptable.

4. Software and video piracy links are expressly forbidden, as is harassment, in any form.This includes any harassment based on gender, religion, nationality, ethnicity, etc.

5. Because rocketry is an international hobby, and there are numerous rocketry organizations, TRF does not follow the rules of any single organizaton. Instead, we encourage you, the TRF member, to join and support the rocketry hobby organization that best fits you as an individual, and to follow that organizations rules.

6. Research Rocketry (making your own motors, igniters, etc) is a special topic, the specific details of which are not to be discussed except in any area specifically designated for such topics. This includes propellant and igniter compositions, specific product recommendations, and techniques for processing propellant. Posts on the topic of Research Rocketry containing information not widely available in published materials are limited to the access controlled area.

7. To help support these rules, and keep the forum a friendly environment, TRF has a volunteer staff. These individuals will remove or edit messages, as necessary, to maintain the friendly environment.

8. Rules violations will be dealt with based on severity. A severe infraction, such as posting a pornographic picture, or posting spam, will result in an immediate ban from the forums. A more typical violation, such as posting a propellant formula in an inappropriate location, will result in the issuance of an infraction.

9. Infractions will be kept "on your permanent record" for a period of one year from the date they are issued. Yes, we realize that means they're not so permanent, and that's a good thing -- we all make mistakes. We're human.

10. Any user with three infractions on their record will be banned from the forum for a period of time. The duration of the ban will be determined based on the severity of the infractions, as well as past behavior. A ban may last as little as a week, or as long as the lifetime of the forum.

11. In addition, while there may be private areas within the forums, as well as the ability to send private messages, out of public site does not mean out of coverage of the rules. Any message created via the forum must follow these rules -- this includes public and private messages, as well as emails sent to users.

12. All rules apply equally to all areas of the site, including user signatures. In addition, user signatures that are disruptive to the flow of threads (flashing images, excessive colored text, etc) are not allowed. User signatures are not allowed to use anything other than standard font sizes. Signatures found out of compliance are subject to edit, or removal, by the forum staff.

[edit] With new ownership comes also some changes and with the advent of paid supporters of this forum this rule has now been modified as well. Likewise, the rules regarding photos and sigs was originally written when many of us were logging on using 56k modems and memory on the server was limited. That too has changed. The revised rule is now: Registered User: Maximum number of photos in signature: 2, Sponsors & Supporting Members: Maximum number of photos: 4, videos: 1

13. Finally, on rare occasions, the forum management may deem it in the best interest of the forum community to put a user onto moderated status, or to outright ban them. These actions may be temporary, or may be permanent, based on behavior and the willingness of the user to modify their behavior. Such actions will not be unilateral, but will be based on forum staff receiving sufficient complaints from the user community as to be determined detrimental to the community.

14. Proving Godwin's Law in a thread will result in the entire thread being yanked. Immediately. Users who cause this to come into play (as determined by the staff) will be subject to infractions and/or banishment, at the staff's discretion, based on the context.

15. Discussion of flights which, in the opinion of the forum staff, are a violation of the NAR or Tripoli Safety Codes are not allowed, and may cause the offending users to be banned permanently.

16. Complaints about vendors, or their service, is governed by the Vendor Complaints Policy.

17. The Yard Sale is the place for posts about items that individuals have for sale, or are interested in buying. Regarding comments about sellers, If you are not involved in a transaction with the seller or do not have current experience (last 6 months) with that seller, stay out of the conversation. Violation of this will result in infractions being issued.

Once again, remember that these rules are meant to be adhered to by the SPIRIT of the rules, not by the LETTER of them.
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18. Please avoid vendor spam posting. Vendor spam posting is:
  1. Responding to another vendor's thread with post advertising your products or services.
  2. Responding to a member's questions about a vendors product advertising your own products or services.
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