RTV Silicone and Polyurethane Resin.

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Feb 28, 2009
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I've been wanting to cast my own parts for some time now, and even though my rocketry funds are lower than ever, I figured while I had the time, I'd ask this question.

I've looked for the exact type of RTV Silicone that moldin oldies uses, but am not sure exactly what he uses since there's only about 8,037 different types of mold silicone and the same goes for the resin. I'm NOT looking to reproduce any of what is currently being sold by Sirius/Moldin Oldies--I'm looking to make some replicas of some of my favorite yet expensive to buy and impossible to find cones. I know the overhead will be steep, but I'm still interested since maybe I could sell a few if someone else needed a replacement cone.

Anyway, info on the specific brand MO used, or a brand that you've found to work well will be appreciated. I've got a box fan motor all primed for a gear reducer to make the "centrifuge" needed, just need a smaller motor that can be mounted inside the frame to spin the molds the other way.

If anyone knows how to get in contact with Mike, that information would also be very useful and answer my question. Surely someone has an email address for him. :confused2:
Thanks for the help everyone... I've got a phone appointment with someone quite knowledgeable on the topic so I'll see what he has to say... Then, brace yourself for more questions!!! ;) I'm looking at the Polytek at present. :)