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Rouse - Tech 75/6400

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Boss, Carolina Rocket Mafia
Jan 22, 2009
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North Carolina
I have a 75/6400 . I really don't want to sell, but I need some fast cash. Not giving it away. 3 flights on the motor but I have a brand new set of closures and seal disk. Retail new on hardware is 580. I will take 450 shipped.
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Is this still available, and do you have a pic or two of it?

I'm interested in it, but I'd like to see what condition its in first, so any pics you could post would be much appreciated...
Pics are always good, but personally I still can’t figure out how to attach them on a thread. I’ve been on the receiving end of much of Jim’s stuff and I can say that his descriptions are more than accurate. He over describes the wear, so if he says it’s in medium condition it’s probably in great condition. He never disappoints. Wish I needed this, good price. Good luck!
Ha! If my mother posted something for sale on this forum, I'd still ask her for pics!! :roll:
Click go advanced to insert pics. Bear with me guys, I'm on the road until next week. I will answer all questions and try to get pics then.
Sorry man, was just saying Jim’s a good guy. Didn’t mean to offend you or strike up sarcasm.

Oh, you didn’t offend me at all, or cause sarcasm. I totally understood what you were trying to say. My comment about wanting pics from my Mom was totally meant in jest! I’m sorry if it came off otherwise!
Sorry man, was just saying Jim’s a good guy. Didn’t mean to offend you or strike up sarcasm.

Dan - agreed.
It's Friday after a VERY long week for me.
I couldn't help not having fun with words while sitting on a needlessly long call that had no business being scheduled for a Friday evening. Sorry if my comment came out sideways.

Have a good weekend!
I thought that whole thing was funny as heck..
I got a good chuckle off of that...

Tanks guy's,, lol..

Still working details. I broke down out of town so I really dont know when I will be home to send pics. There are 3 guys asking questions now. I will let you know when I know.
Be safe Jim...
Call me if you need anything..

Aww crap, that sucks. Sorry that happened to you! I hope whatever happened to your truck is easily fixable and cheap!
I really appreciate everyone's patience with this. Thanks to Teddy, I think I will keep this for now. FYI, the new closures are gone. The forward is gold, nicks on the inside from trying to get the delay insulator out. GREASE before assembly. The rear may be used a few times, but it looks new. Its silver. If I ever decide to let this go, I will repost. If anyone need to use it, and I'm available, I will be glad to let you use it. Thanks again, and Teddy, YOU ROCK!!!!!