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Rouse Tech 29/40-120 case on Ebay

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Sep 24, 2009
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I have a slightly used rouse tech 29/40-120 case on ebay right now.. Im asking $40 plus 4.80 for S&H...


Yes the listing price and shipping price is reversed for a reason.

Went to list it the legitimate way until i seen ebay was going to end up taking well over 11% in final value, listing, and PayPal fees... In my current financial situation i couldn't afford to take the $6+ loss in fees on just a $40 sale, especially when every dollar counts for me right now.

Now there is a chance if someone decides to tattle ebay may pull the auction down because of the "inflated shipping", so if you want it please hurry up and snag it.

And If for any reason they pull it down before it is purchased, ill come back here and let you all know, in which case I will only list it here. Ebay's greediness just lost me as a seller permanently.

I was solely going to list here, but had to create a new account (my old account got deleted in the past year for some reason) and I was waiting on a mod to approve me. Therefore I had to initially list it on ebay so i can hopefully have it sold and paid for by monday, when i have to come up with money for a bill due that day.
Your account was deleted because this entire site was lost for a while and all of our accounts with it. The "old site" now lives under the "Archive" heading in the blue navigation at the top.

Glad to see you found your way back to us. Welcome!
ah okay.. that explains a lot...

you might want to post a sticky somewhere (id say under rules and guidelines or anywhere appropriate) explaining to old users who may only drop in every so often what happened.

Thanks for clearing things up...
Will be shipped Monday and is being sent USPS Priority.. Thanks so much for purchasing, i was beginning to stress a little over this bill getting paid on time