Round (Big Bertha style) Nose Cones for HP?????

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Jul 15, 2015
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It just dawned on me the other day while noodling around in Open Rocket that I don't have a HP rocket with a Big Bertha round chrome dome nose cone.

Where does one find commercially available nose cones in HP sizes (2.6, 3.0, 4.0, etc) in something OTHER than conical, Von K, or standard ratio ogive?
Scotglas. He makes Bertha style cones in 3" 4".

His website is no more. That said, if you want his contact info shoot me a pm, and I will get it as it is at home.
Polecat sells kits with round cones. You might be able to get a cone from them, if you can get ahold of them.
Kenny at performance has them in many different sizes. I have a couple of extra 7.5" as well if you want to buy one. I believe I got them from scottglass direct 3 or 4 years ago
I got a 4" elliptical from Ken at Performance Hobbies a few years ago. Great guy to deal with.


What they said...Ken at Performance Hobbies.
.....he was at LDRS and had a bunch of them on the table.

I used one for my upscale 5.5 " Fat Boy...pretty solid.
Anybody got any pictures?
Rockets Magazine had my upscale FatBoy in it...the August VAST launch in Dcember 2009 edition years case you have it.

I can get some pictures of the NC for you tonight.....I think it was a Scotglass NC I bought from Ken....looked like an older white polyester resin, rather than the green epoxy fiberglass he carries now.
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