Rotary switch to power tracker AND battery charger?

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Sep 5, 2009
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Total electronics noob, here. Be gentle.

I picked up the MissileWorks T3 tracker and now looking at the nifty 3D printed case for the base unit. I would like to build a "charge port" in the base, so that I don't have to undo 4 screws and remove the cover each time I charge the battery. I am thinking the Shurter voltage selector switch can help me do this, but I can't get my mind around it. With the switch in one position, the battery is wired to the tracker. With the switch in the other position, the battery is wired to the charge port (which will connect to a 1S USB Lipo charger).

Is this possible? Can the rotary switch complete the two unique circuits I am trying to achieve? Each time I try to figure out the wiring diagram, I end up shorting the battery or some such bad thing. Here are the components I am working with:


Thanks for any help.
You should just wire the battery to the tracker, but add a charge socket in parallel. Then, put the switch in between the positive of the battery and the positive lead on the battery. You can turn off the tracker with the switch, but the charge port and battery will always be connected.

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My only suggestion would be, since that is the receive board, I would mount the board in a small project box and use a regular rotary switch instead of one that needs a screw driver to activate. It would be much easier to operate.
Without the charger connected, when you rotate the switch to the charge position, that would also be OFF for the receive board.

You might also want to mount a charge socket on the box for the charger to plug into.

BTW, that doesn't look like a LiPo battery charger. I would highly recommend getting a charger made for LiPo batteries rather then just using anything. You could light the battery on fire with that charger and there goes your receive board too.