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Feb 5, 2009
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I want to build and fly a demonstrator model of the RoMax idea. Romax is different than the similar appearing Roton system. The RoMax lifts off vertically under a rotor, like a helicopter, and lands in the same manner. Hybrid rocket motors are used at altitude to boost the RoMax thru the upper edges of the atmosphere. I am hoping I can find the expertise in this group to put something like this together.

I'll be putting together a page about it in the next day or so with more updated details about it. Thanks.


rc chopper and long launch wire could do the trick :D

if theres a way to make a rc launcher it could probably work...

and how do the fins not snap when the rockets launch? are they hinged so they fold back?
I have most of it figured out, but some things I have never had experience with, like feeding multiple hybrids from one tank, or using hi-rpm or gearboxed electric motors for the main rotor, or complex R/C set-ups. The rotor only needs to run for 30 minutes or so total, fast charge and discharge batteries could be used, a fuel cell would be nifty on the full size one. The rotor blades would feather or fold back. The entire cone is shown rotating in that picture for the folding rotor set-up, feathering would just turn 90 degrees or so on the long axis of each rotor blade.

Very cool, what do you plan to use for motors? Lots of electronics to fit inside of a relatively small body.
The X-Prize panel rejected my application for the Star Shuttle. I filed in 1997 I believe. I have a manned version of RoMax too, but it is not an entry.

This demonstrator model of the RoMax would be at least four feet tall and use 6 to 8 hybrids fed from a single tank.

RoMax is an idea for moving cargo. Something FedEx or UPS might use. The key points are that it can take-off and land in city and rural areas, and does not have to deal with the high tempatures and aerodynamic stresses of traditional sub-orbital flight profiles. Eventaully it would become the StratoMax pictured here.


Aer those canted things motors or landing pods? If motors, then Jim has competition.

One of our club members is a Hybrid fan and here are some observations you might find useful in this model.

1) The hybrids are kept preseeurized by an external tank until moments before launch.

2) The hybrid releases it's oxidizer to the plastic grain by the action of the igniter burning through the oxidizer fill tube. It may be iffy for you to get a cluster of those to ignite simultaneously.

3) I saw some rather poor performance in launching a hybrid when it was real cold. It seems thetank would not pressurize properly.

Some good sites to check out are:

Ceasaroni - They make the Hypertek line

Rattworks - Similar

There used to be a site called