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Oct 8, 2002
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I was listenig to some rolling stones on new years, and i can't remember the name of the song.. goes on about white moses i've beren tryng to find it for a couple days now

and what album is it on?
I dunno, but I'm sure you can find lyrics somewhere online and then search for it.
It is especially hard to understand much of Mick's lyrics (they made a movie based on that joke). But I don't think I have ever heard 'white moses' or even 'white roses' in a Stones song.
well... i had a fwe to many beers at the time... so my memory of the night wasn't the best, but i've been trying to work it out for ages
that song was first released on Sticky Fingers
(anyone remember trying to peek inside THAT album cover?)
Yep, it's wild horses.

Man how did i get white moses from wild horses...:D
And the fact that Sticky Fingers cover art was done by Andy Warhol..

Check teh waist band...

And a few other 'misheard' lyrics:

" 'scuse me while I kiss this guy"

"Smoke on the water, and the fire engine guy"
-deep purple

"There's a bathroom on the right"