ROL auction funny...

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Yeah, this guy is a creep, stay away from him.:mad:

I did find the auction listing pretty hilarious. Only thing is I have no use for a hole in a barn or a wrecked car. On the other hand, I might be interested in his rockets and maybe even his daughters:D :D :D

Anyone got pics of them:D :D :D
Hey, you could use the hole in the barn as a launch silo. Launch your rocket even when it's raining, you've got an undercover prep area. Only problem is, it's someone else's barn...
Very true but it'd be just my luck that the rocket would miss the hole and crash through the roof instead creating another hole;)

Then I'd be down one rocket although I do have countless others:D
Sorry Don, I just could not resist....

Fly an AT Redline, you'll love the experience. Launch an Estes CATO for maximum enjoyment!!!

So how about we just CATO a Redline and giggle hysterically?

Time for my medication now...

Doctor Dynasoar, I'm ready for my closeup.
Oh no problem:)

All you'd have to do is remove a Redline grain from a load and replace it with a Blue Thunder one, BOOM!!!;)

Anyway, I love Redlines, they are sssooo cool.:D Even though I've only flown two of them so far:(

I also have an OOP Estes CATO kit. Now THAT's a fun kit to fly and when it pops apart, it usually generates a few laughs.:D

Nah, you don't need any medication, what are you talking about, we're all rocket nuts!!!:D :D :D