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Dec 10, 2010
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I don't want anyone to get ripped off by this guy !!!!

This is a new AltAcc2C with manual... :kill: [email protected]

Feedback from his last 6 transactions:eek:

Whitman (37) Sat Apr 24 22:21:36 2004
(NEGATIVE) you have 30 days after a paypal is sent to file a complant . they sometimeshelp to get your money back.

Cycline3 (49) Mon Apr 5 10:35:04 2004
(NEGATIVE) 1077633527 - H180 - Took money and no motors. AVOID. Its been six weeeks and nothing.

Cycline3 (49) Mon Apr 5 10:34:31 2004
(NEGATIVE) 1077547155 - H180 - Took money and no motors. AVOID. Its been six weeeks and nothing.

Lee (2) Thu Apr 1 23:23:55 2004
(NEGATIVE) You took my money, But no motors. Your story with USPS and it taking 3 or 4 week to ship dont cut it. (Checked with them) BUYER BEWARE!

Whitman (37) Sat Mar 27 17:47:12 2004
(NEGATIVE) John You riped me off for $26.00 on an H128 reload on Feb 25 I sent the paypal. I should of known some thing was up when paypal to one of your address was rejected . Lies and the run around is all that you worth. If anyone wants proof I will e-mail it to you.DO BUSSINESS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!

Rdbones (1) Fri Mar 26 18:24:06 2004
(NEGATIVE) John - I still have NOT received the Piston Assortment that I won on FEB 14, 2004 !!! You have received my PayPal Payment and I still dont have the Piston Assortment !!! When you have responded to e-mails you give vague answers and have not returned my request for a telephone call - I will NOT DO BUSINESS WITH YOU AGAIN
It looks kinda odd.
If you look at all of his feedback it is like all good until early March then things fall apart.
Thanks for the warning.
I aggree. I was almost stiffed by this bum as I was the second highest bidder on those H180W's. I was sorry to see Cycline3 get stiffed but I'm glad it wasn't me or I would have been all over him like a bad habit.:kill:

I would not reccommend doing business with him!!!:mad: :mad: