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Jan 18, 2009
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I started with the Odyssey around Nov 2008 and finished around late Dec 2008.

Taking advantage that the wife is out of town I started to add the details. It has taken me more than 12 hours total. Used some of the pictures included in the CD as an inspiration but pretty much came up with my own. Added aft and forward "torpedo launchers", energy weapons hard point, radars and antennas. Also added aft docking ports as well as forward starboard and port docking ports.





Here are close-ups of the forward section's docking ports and radar/antenna assembly. I pretty much used up all the plastic parts that came with the kit. The docking ports I got from old plastic model parts. Also a starboard shot of the middle section details and the nose cone "torpedo launchers".





I had started a build thread on YORF where I posted pictures of my "Earth 2 Orbit" Cargo Liner or E2O servicing the U.S.S Odyssey. Here is what I wrote then:

-- "Several rocketeers that had built one of these most-have rockets had built a smaller craft to add "scale" to their Odyssey. So far I remember a "scout" made from the plastic parts of this kit, and another "plane" looking model. I wanted to do a "Cargo" ship because this thing needs spare parts that are better handled outside the repair docks, life support equipment, "luxury items" for the shopping promenade, and other most have items. So I decided to go with this design and named it the E2O Cargo Liner... E2O stands for "Earth 2 Orbit". This is how it looked before the coats of primer. The design is inspired on those X planes from NASA. It is ready for paint but with this weather who know when I can finish this."

-- "Here is a pic of the E2O Cargo Liner with rulers... it should give you an idea how big, or little, it is. I have included a close shot of the engine bells, which were "acquired" from the tips of three gulf tees. The body is just three small sheets of 1/8 inch balsa glued together then cut and sanded to shape. The fins are 1/16 inch balsa. The inserted picture is where I got the idea for the shape and paint scheme for the E2O."

-- "Painted the top with Krylon Gloss white, old formula. Then did some fancy masking with regular masking tape and spray painted the rest with some Home Depot cheap, no brand, fast dry flat black spray paint. No compatibility problems with the paint. Also worked on decals for the cockpit and a flag... "

-- "Here is a quick shot of the first decals on the E2O."

Have not done any more work on the E2O (ee, two, oh). Still have not decided if it should be a permanent part of the Odyssey or have it removable for when I fly the Odyssey.




Your Odyssey looks fantastic Raul! Love the cargo shuttle. Puerto Rico has a space program...hey, why not? :D
Wow... If the rest of the model ends up looking as good as the tiny shuttle I will be MOST impressed!!!:D
very nice work, I'd stick to C6-3 for launching, you have more detail than mine and low and slow on a B6-2 was a bit gut wrenching waiting for the chute to pop out. Radio Shack has some very nice 1/8" diameter magnets for a remove before launch docking system for the E2O. Check out what I did

I really like the pods on the lower wings behind the ring.
Yes, Raul CAN build heavy... Like the ceramic Fake Wulf from the Franklin Mint...:D
Working on decaling the Odyssey and customizing it with extra decals. These are just a few pictures of things to come. I hope to finish it tonight or tomorrow morning so that I can at least apply one coat of Future to protect the decals. Its maiden flight is scheduled for this Sunday in Northern Maryland...





Raul, your Odyssey looks awesome. I can't wait to see it fly. I plan on flying for the first time at Foosefest III as well.

You can go first.......:eek:
Raul, you have been a rocket finishing machine. Can't wait to see the newest additions to the fleet. They always look great in person. Mine still hangs from the pegboard in the basement, all bagged up still. :eek:
Thanks for the nice comments guys! :)

Well, I am finally finished with the USS Odyssey. Painted a few details last night and applied a coat of Future this morning. She is ready for trial runs around the Sol System. She launches tomorrow.
Raul, you have been a rocket finishing machine. Can't wait to see the newest additions to the fleet. They always look great in person. Mine still hangs from the pegboard in the basement, all bagged up still. :eek:

Just taking advantage that the family is out of town for a couple of weeks. I was working with 9 rockets: finished 7 rockets, a parasite glider, scratchbuilt another rocket, and have one left that needs decals. I still have 4 more at different stages of construction but those are for another "wave".
I love building rockets. I'm not all that good at it but am getting better.

When I see threads like this, though, I am well and truly humbled. It is a work of art, a thing of beauty.

Very nice; definitely one of the rockets at the top of my "next purchase" list!

JAL3: Thanks!

It is a great kit! The parts are top quality and the instructions are very easy to follow. Another great thing about this rocket is that it cries to be customized and Scott includes plenty of material for you to do so. I do not think there has been a person out there that has built it exactly according to the instructions.

... now if I can figure out where the E2O is going to be placed....
She launches tomorrow.

So, how did the maiden flight go? Hopefully as beautifully as the rocket is finished! :)

You have certainly raised the bar pretty high on that one as far as the finish goes Raul! Very, very nice! If mine(whenever I get around to building it- have to first get it from the very back corner of my 'Kit Room':roll:) - turns out looking HALF as nice as yours I will be very happy! :cyclops:
It's maiden flight was great. Flew on a C6-3 and as soon as it reached apogee the chute was deployed. Perfect. Check out this link for great liftoff and flight pictures of other rockets. The Odyssey pictures are on Post #5. Jerry flew his Odyssey that day. I have a few shots that I will post later.