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Jan 18, 2009
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I am surprised nobody started a thread about Rocstock 29. Well, if they did, I can't find it.

I took my completed 4x upscale Manta Bomber there with no intention of flying it. Mark at Stickershock 23 made the decals and he wanted a picture. Next thing I know it's sittin on the pad....

on the pad.jpg
And then this happened....

Photo credits: pictures 1, 2 &4 Mark Canepa
picture 3 Gary Moratz

lift off 2.jpg

lift off 3.jpg
Yes, you are seeing that correctly. The 2 G53's lit first, and just about cleared it from the rail, then the central J401 lit. It was a beautiful flight. Even had a "NASA Roll" to it.

Picture credits: Mark Canepa

the roll.jpg

gs burn out.jpg
I even borrowed a 78" chute, but alas the landing was harsh. It ripped the pods clean off. It is repairable, but next time they are coming down on their own chutes. That should be fun, seeing that thing come apart in 3 pieces. Thanx for the great pictures and everyones help.
One more picture I'd like to share. This was taken by Mark Canepa also:

Anyone, please feel free to post your pics/flights from RS XXIX here as well.

me w argosy.jpg
WOW tim, Very Nice.. almost as cool as it was live!!! I still cant believe the 2 g's lifted that off the pad..

heres my freaky flyer an a pro 38 2 grain skid... I flew it on sunday

Ok and one more of my 5.5" der red max.... j540r central 3 h180w airstarts..

freaky skid 2 small.JPG

der red max lftoff 3 small.jpg
I must say that that Manta Bomber sequence is quite cool. Very nice job on the rocket.
Dang it Fred. How long were you looking for that picture? That's a good one, gramps. ;)