RocSim9: Offset Fins?

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May 15, 2009
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I can’t seem to figure out how to get my fins base edge to be attached to my outer body tubes. As you can see from the images the fins cut through the outer body tubes and attach to the center body tube. This isn’t how it should be since the outer tubes are actually motor mounts and will be housing motors. When adding the outer tubes I was actually adding “inside tubes” and setting the radial distance to the desired setting to position the tubes correctly, unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be this option for fins. It also does not allow me to add fins to the inside tubes. Nor does it allow me to create outer tubes and off set the radial position. Anyone have a solution?



If you have RS9, use the pod feature. Get rid of the "inside tubes" and create pods. One pod should have a body tube (check the box that says this is a motor mount) and then a fin, just like you would normal. The pod can then be copy/pasted again two more times (make sure you adjust the radial angle to be 120 degrees apart if you want 3) and you'll have exactly what you want.