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Jan 20, 2009
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Just for fun, I was trying to see what I could talk Rocsim into doing. Check out the flight simulations on the Estes Mosquito file that I downloaded from EMRR... 867,159' from a 'Skeeter loaded with a Vulcan O3000. The 3D rendering is hysterical! Little fin ends sticking out of the end of the motor!

I also loaded 3 of these motors into a Commanche-3 and "flew" it to almost 2,000,000'!

Anyone else found anything whacky that Rocksim will allow?
'Skeeter loaded with a Vulcan O3000

Did you also notice it maxed out a Mach 6+?

At least in this case you understabd why you lost the little beast.

It vaporized!
What happens if you use the cluster wizard on it to make it a 6x cluster?


6 98mm motors in a Mosquito

1) I theenk we need a bigger launch rod

2) If you try this, please give me a call so I can

- Get in the basement

- take out a term life insurance policy on you.