Rocsim .eng files for Ellis G37?

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Sep 11, 2002
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Hi Gang,

I picked up a few Ellis Mountain 24mm G37 s at NARAM... so now I need to design and build a rocket for them!! Does anyone know if there is a .eng file yet for this motor, so I can add it to my Rocsim files??

OK, if there is no .eng file available.... (I have checked NAR and EMRR), can I build a file, and add it to my Rocsim?
Astronboy, pls share the file when you're done! I have an extreme rocket to use the G37 but I can't find a motor file for it. Don't expect to get the rocket back but I'd like to get an idea on how fast it'd go!
OK, Well, I think I have finally gotten the hang of this. Here is the .eng file I created for the G37. I would appreciate any comment on this as this is the first .eng file I ever created.... also, there are no promises that this is correct!!!


I have someone who might make me a file. I can compare yours to his. It looks okay right now. I'm might try for an altitude attempt in Canada with this motor. This will be my starting point. Thanks so much!!!
Let me know what else you can find.

My Roc-sim of a BT-80 Alpha upscale (not a Maxi Alpha, this is a straight upscale) sims to almost 2500 feet with this G37 file.

My minimum diameter (which is already built) rocket sims to 5600 ft and around mach 1.

Trying for altitude attempt. Do you know anyone I can talk to with experience in little minimum diameter rockets for altitude competition????
I flew a 24mm rocket on an F101T. REALLY fast to about 5000' at well over mach. I never saw a thing, but it landed at the high power pads about 100' away.

My tip to you is this: Hope you are lucky. The only way you will get an altitude is by having a little altimeter in there and a lot of luck with getting it back!
I might be able to use a mini altimeter for testing for some guys up here. If I'm successful they can use my name. Very tiny altimeter. Still have to work it out. Do you know how to make mylar tubes???? I've heard they're very light

I know someone from Germany up here who has a F100 or something!!!:D