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Mar 15, 2017
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Maybe I overlooked it but is there any collections or database of Estes, Quest, and other manufactures rockets files that we got download to play with using simulator software? No since in reinventing the wheel, if we what to make any adjustments to our kits and while like to see the projected effects. Plus, if modifying any kits, we could save time measuring and building the parts. Thanks
There are lots of RocSim .rkt files out there especially on Nice thing about OpenRocket is it will open .rkt file as well as its own .ork files.
Beware the accuracy of some files fins and dimensions are not exactly the same as the factory kit for whatever reason.
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Are you looking for the assembly/construction software, or just a simulation to estimate altitude with a certain motor?

If all you want is the simulation, you can use WRASP or the simulator on
I was mainly looking to check the stability and where both the CG & CP where on hte rockets before and after any modification or designing a new rocket from old parts.
Check out the thread below:

He has done great OR work on many rockets.

However that being said, many of the simulations of K'tesh's OR files may be suspect because of the tricks he uses to make them visually accurate, such as phantom body tubes, thick fins, etc. So its a good idea to carefully inspect the design for these little tricks and you will have to make a determination if they will affect the simulation. K'tesh is one of our OR ninja's.