Rocksim v7.04 bugfix/upgrade

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Feb 28, 2009
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Has anyone here successfully downloaded the v7.04 upgrade?

I've tried 5 times already at various times, even at the highest possible cable-modem speeds allowed and still the download stops dead in it tracks at 11.7Mb of 30.1Mb.

Tim has been EXTREMELY COURTEOUS about sending additional passwords to try again, but I'm hoping theres someone out there that has actually completed the download.


Registered owner of v7.0.
I had it downloaded with no hangups..

could he send you a cd ?
Where/how do you download this? i haven't gotten an e-mail for the update.

drop tim a line with your details and he'll send you a link and password once he has verified your eligibility
Originally posted by stymye
I had it downloaded with no hangups..

could he send you a cd ?

That looks like the best option yet!!!
Even though the download wouldn't take all that long with cable-speed.
Tim did mention to change browsers but that didn't help. It still stalled at 11.7Mb.
It does seem strange that it stops exactly at the same spot everytime.
Perhaps a file-server setting snafu?
Maybe a corrupt zipped file?
Solar flares?
Too many people using the psychic hotline at once?

I had trouble downloading with Opera at home, but no problem at work with IE
Worked flawlessly for me the first time over cable modem.
No problem here with a cable modem. Per his recommendation I downloaded it at off-peak hours, since someone with a dial-up connection can hose the download for others.
It took me two tries to download Version using Internet Exploder over a cable modem. The first download had an error in it according to WinZip when I tried to unzip the file. I did the second downlaod during off-peak hours.

Has anyone else tried the putting decals on the designs, see attached file.

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055
I haven't tried anything that fancy, but the feature seems to work nicely.
I finally gave up trying and asked for a cdrom with my next order.

The response was instantaneous and positive!!!

Order has been filled, shipped, and includes the v7.04 cd!!!

I REALLY LIKE the way Apogee does business!!!

Yes, Tim goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy with your order. When I had a problem with some tubes, they promptly replaced the order, even though the whole order wasn't damaged.
Hi Bruce, yeah I downloaded it a week ago and tried the decal thing. it's not ready for prime time, to put it kindly. and I don't use rocksim for transition printouts because even with this update it's still way wrong. so this update doesn't do much for me.

I would really rather they put the effort in to fixing actual bugs and adding actual features that actual people have been actually asking for actually for years, actually.

still, Apogee really does a great job overall and I've always been happy ordering from them.

What features have you been looking for? I know a few things about the program and I might be able to explain why things are being developed the way they are. Did you know that version 7 was originally going to be released with tube fin and ring tails as possible fin geometries?

The transiton printout works in version as long as there are no shoulders specified at either end of the transition. I copied the transitons I needed to separate files, and then deleted the fore and aft shoulders. The RockSim software printed out accurate shroud patterns for them.

The texture mapping aspect is nice but a little cumbersome. I am glad to be able to simulate paint and decal schemes on my rockets before I apply them!

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055

Why were tube fin and ring fin configurations removed (or not delivered) as part of the 7.x build of Rocksim? I've seen these two on folks Rocksim wish lists along with strap on boosters, fins on fins, fin pods, etc. I know most of these can be simulated. (I have always been impressed with your work in these areas.) But I think most folks would prefer not to need to hack the XML data files to accomplish these tasks. I believe most just want to enter their design and get basic answers. (i.e. stability and how high will it go!) I think the 3D modeling, asymetrical fins, and radial positioning features are all steps in the right direction. Any idea on the date of the next (8.x?) version release?


One more question. Were you using the Visual Toolkit (VTK) to display your Patriot model in the screen capture you posted? Any details on the use of this program? Is VTK the 3D engine used within Rocksim? Ok, that was 4 questions, sorry! :confused:

RockSim 7 was originally going to be released with tube fins and ring tail fins based on actual wind tunnel data. The problem is that the simulations predicted tube and ring finned designs that were known to be stable to be unstable! I do not know if this was a problem with RockSim's programming, or the actual wind tunnel data, or both. Designs like the Centuri Groove Tube and the Custom Razor had much less than one caliber of stability with a C6 motor installed.

I also looked at the programs CP as compaired to the CP predicted using my techniques which are based on an iterative mathematical argument. I know that these CP values should be close, especially using the newer estimation techniques in my Side Pod simulation article that Tim recently published. The RockSim CP's were really different, 1-2 calibers forward, of the CP's my estimation techniques predicted.

The fix for these problems was not readily available, so a decision was made not to release the ability to simualte tube and ring finned designs.

The Patriot image was created with RockSim version using the Export 3D model under the File menu of the software. I have no idea if VTK is used by RockSim.

I heard that version 8.x of RockSim is going to be the mac version and should be ready later this month.

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055