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Jan 20, 2009
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Ok guys, I'm wonder how do you "read" the static margin vs. radial view angel (under the stability analysis)? I've been looking at this for hours and cannot seem to understand just what it is telling me.
Originally posted by bobrogg
#$%@! let me try this again.

What you are looking at is a head-on view of the stability as it relates to fin position. Your picture shows that the stability is normal at all side angels relative to the rocket. The closer the lines wrap around the rocket , the more it is affected by winds from that respective angle. The wider the circle, the more stable it is etc.

Look at one of mine below. I set the colors of the fins (note the size difference) to red so you can see them better. Note how the size of the fin changes the affect of stability. I try to think of it as me being above the rocket during flight, looking straight at the nose.


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