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May 26, 2009
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I feel like a complete idiot that I cant figure this out.... I am good at every aspect of building (perpetually learning of course :eek:)) but despite my experience I am unable to figure how to use downloaded RockSim files for individual rockets (such as those on model shop websites) and open them using rocksim.

What I get is a file which contains lengthly amounts of code and thats all. When I go to open it (I have RockSim 7...not the newest) it gives me error codes. Then the program freezes immediately.

What am I doing wrong? My OS is windows 7.....

I know once you fellas tell me is going to make me rip my hair out ;o)
If you are saving the files to your computer before opening are they being saved as TXT files or RKT files? Not sure if that would be the cause but I have had that happen.
Another thing... RockSim 7 may not play nicely under Windows 7. Back in 2007 (which would have been about the RockSim 8 timeframe, Apogee posted a message warning of incompatibilities between RockSim and Vista)

Are you having problems with your own files, or just on downloaded files?
just the downloaded files... im going to try to download the posted files and see what happens.
Yep it didnt work. Same error message popped up but instead of seeing pages of code the file just saved and loaded default with rocksim. Its time to upgrade for me! This isnt worth the headache. Its gotta be the program.
The latest RockSim update ( 9.0.8f84) had this in the release notes:
Windows: Changed the target location for updates downloaded from the Apogee web site. Downloaded files are now placed in the current users Documents folder in a folder called rocksim. For example: C:\Users\YourName\Documents\rocksim. Windows security settings can sometimes reject attempts to download into “C:\Program Files” folders.

Maybe the Win7 security settings are messing with you?