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Jan 26, 2009
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Ok I know this question has proubably been gone over in the past, but lets do it again.
I would like to add some eng. files to RockSim.
The files I would like to add would be for the new CTI 38mm & 54mm skids.
They are not yet listed on ThrustCurve.
What do I need to do and is it painless so to speak.
I am not very computer savoy!
Anyone planning on listing them on ThrustCurve anytime soon?
To me it would be nice anytime a new motor is certified for the manufacture to list the files on ThrustCurve.
I think it would help sell the motors.
Must be a reason they do not do so.
Looks like to me only a few people are spending the time to do so.
To them I greatly appreciate their time and effort.
No need to go through all that hassle

This link has a Rocksim file for most of the new CTI motors