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Jan 28, 2009
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I wasn't sure where to post this but since I am using RockSim I might as well put it here,

I am designing a scale-ish navaho missile for a very distant level 2 attempt (distant as in a couple years from now) but I have been working on the RockSim file when I have free time from class. The rocket is two parts, it has a booster rocket then the main missile is on top of the booster (not like a regular two stage...check RockSim file if confused). Anyway I set up the booster as a pod which can be done on RockSim. The flight is supposed to be booster at the pad and then the booster separates from the missile and the missile is airstarted. The problem I am havingis that Rocksim is not showing the separation. Anyone feel free to play with it and see if you can spot a problem. I have been working on the rocket for many weeks now and may just be going crazy :y:

Thanks in advanced!


View attachment Navajo Missile.rkt

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One more add on to the above post....

If you look at the graph for one of the flights it does not correspond to what happens during the flight. For example, the graph says it went to 1200' when the simulation says it went over 4300'....seems odd to me

Thanks again,

From my experience and from what is said on Apogees website is that roc sim doesn't show the pods ejecting, but it simulates them. You would have to make the pods separate stages to see them separate.
ya thats what I was thinking too. I think that is still the case. The other thing that confuses me is that the graphs and the simulations are not matching up. The sim puts the rocket at just under 5000' but the graph shows it hitting apogee at just under 1500'. Also the weight of the rocket is 115.94oz and the graph says only 3.25oz

The good thing is is that the sim works and in retrospect it would work in reality...but it would help if everything worked on the sim

Navaho Missile Graph.jpg