Rocksim 5 Demo problems

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Sep 24, 2004
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Hi Everyone,

I am trying to get the demo of RockSim 5 to work, but on many Rocksim Files that I have downloaded from the net, well there are problems.

I keep getting an “ File was created by a previous version of Rocksim” error message…

OK so I click "OK"…Cannot save anything anyway. Just Testing…"wink Wink"

I now get an error message stating that “An unknown rocket part ID was read from this file. The offending part has been ignored”.

I click “OK” three times and the program crashes. 2 different manufacture’s RockSim Designs, so I know that is not an issue.

Does this mean that RockSim 7 has the full industry parts database installed and this is a blatant ploy to purchase the full product?

/sarcasm off

Just was wondering if anyone else has this problem.