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Sold RocKontroller 1 Wireless Launch Controller


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Oct 23, 2015
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I have for sale a little-used RocKontroller 1 (Model B) wireless launch controller from Rocket Electronics in as new working condition. For details please review the 2012 Forum link at https://www.rocketryforum.com/threa...er-the-rockontroller-1-tm-now-shipping.37313/. The LC unit is powered by a standard 9V battery; the pad unit is powered by a 3S 345 mAh LiPo. It uses an internal antenna in both units. As a single channel controller it is now surplus to my needs, as I now have a 4-channel wireless controller.

The sale includes the LC unit, pad unit, ignition cable and spare 10A fuse. I will sell this system for US$100. Shipping to USA and Canada will cost about US$55 for express; US$45 for standard; US$40 for economy air; US$35 for economy sea. Australian domestic sale for AU$140, with shipping from AU$15 - AU$20, depending on location. NZ sale for AU$140 is welcome, with shipping from AU$25 to AU$45, depending on whether economy or express.


  • RocKontroller 1 User Manual Ver 2 0 0-8-13-2012.pdf
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  • RocKontroller 1b.JPG
    RocKontroller 1b.JPG
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  • RocKontroller 1a.JPG
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