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Sep 20, 2009
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Thanks rocketstore, expecting the engines soon =)
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i bought stuff off rocketstore this weekend, they attended the October sky event, so it is quite possible that you were contacting them when they were out at the launch. give them a ring, and i'm sure it will all get sorted. i've never had a problem and found them to be very helpful, and remember there is a problem with the post in the UK at the moment.
Richard was at the Midland Rocketry/UKRA event this weekend, and EARS last, so do bear that in mind.
Always be prepared to give small businesses, which all UK rocket vendors are, a bit of time.
Of course, if you go to an organised launch, you can often get your supplies on the spot.
I've recently ordered a bunch of small D and C motors from, but they have not arrived in over a week:confused:. I've emailed them, with no reply, and called them, but they did not answer and I could not leave a message as the message box was full. Are they having problems at the moment, or are they just getting more stock in? I would appreciate any advice or info on this one. :mad:


Sorry for any delay we normally ship in couple of three days if its in stock, but we had a long weekend launch at Midland, we start prepping on a Thursday afternoon for something like that (hence why you may have had no answer from the phone). I have literally just finished clearing the inbox so hopefully you are one of the customers I have just replied to.

Rocket Store
I got your email today =).
can a moderator change the thread title to " solved"
do I get priority service now;)
EDIT:thanks for changing the title, didn't want rocketstore to get a bad reputation =)
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