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Jun 30, 2010
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I've just been back to visit my clone of the Ciaton Patriot that was lost to the _rocket_eating_trees about 3-4 months ago to find something very strange.

The rocket had a 2 meter long Red mylar streamer, which is now about 2" long, and the ends are seriously shreaded up. *WTF?!* Could birds have been attracted to this?

The bodytube has buckled in the middle, and folded over on itself *Damp*?

2 Fins have come off

The nosecone is missing.

Its either UFO's or the local wildlife have turned into _real_life_ borrowers



I was worried this would happen...

It seems to have started in the UK and may soon spread to the rest of Europe and eventually North America.

UK trees seem to have evolved TEETH to satisfy their rocket hunger.

I call for a quarantine of all decorative plants from the UK until this offending genetic trait can be singled out and destroyed!

This trait may have evolved from basic "kite eating" and the trees have since aquired a "taste" for balsa, cardboard and plastic.

Be afraid...:(
as a courtesy,could the thread title be more descriptive next time?

I don't have time to open every post to determine what it's about...

thank you.
Sorry about that stymye, the thread title has been changed to be a little more specific.
Sorry for the inconvenience.