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Jan 30, 2009
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This weekend our town had a Spring Market Expo. The directors asked if I would display some rockets as an "outdoor hobby". Of course I will promote our hobby any way I can. The kids seemed most interested in the rocket-powered cars. I guess I need to put more emphasis back on the rockets!:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Nice community service gesture. Looks like you set up a great display that could only provide positive P.R.:)

Nice display!! Reminds me of the time I did a demonstration and presentation for my son's kindergarten class(10 yrs. ago). The kids loved it!! Sorry no pictures:( :(
Hello Darian, we are in Kosciusko, Mississippi, the geographic center of Mississippi. I noticed you are in Alex. LA.? Years ago I used to race hydroplanes on Lake Bulow in Pineville/Alexandria. I got married and took up a saner? :confused: :confused: hobby? ROCKETRY!!!!:D :D :D
it was great of you to take the time and effort to do that...

One question...

What the heck type of pad is that sitting on the far left....?
Right!!! That is an Estes Power-plex launch pad!! I did not know that it was not made any more. Good pad for A-E powered rockets.
Originally posted by billEblurzz
Another shot from our display:

What's that Nike looking affair in the second picture? I like it a lot!:D

Kit? Scratch? Tell me more.

Oh yeah, good job on the display, it's great for the kids. One of the nice things about this hobby is that kids and adults can do it together at the same level.
Bill, As far as I know, it may still be made. Seems like I just recall seeing it in an old catalog.
The large rocket next to the Bomarc is a Launch Pad Nike-Ajax! It is a 3-motor 24mm cluster kit that screams on 3 D12-5s. It goes STRAIGHT UP very quickly and pops a TRIPLE chutes in recovery! A time-consuming build but very well worth the wait in flight! Thanks for your interest. If you recognize something else, I am happy to reply for you.:) :)
Awesome display! I can surely appreciate what you've done here. Jason Toft (jetra2) and I did this a while back at a local library. The rockets were on display for nearly 3 months.

<a href="">Library Display</a>