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Jan 30, 2009
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Hello everyone, before I discovered rockets I dabbled in trains. Looking over members bios, there seemed to be lots of railroaders too. I have a 4x10 HO layout and an 8x20 Lionel layout also. I like the Illinois Central, GM@O, and Canadian National, Frisco, and Southern lines. I was wondering what anyone else models? I promise to stick to ROCKETS for you non-railers after this thread!!! Any train pics (real or models) anyone?:rolleyes: Or am I commiting suicide???:kill: :kill:
Hi Bill
When I get the chance I will post some pics of my "trainset", its 1:1 scale 4'8 1/2" guage.
Im a big boy so my trainset is big as well. :cool:
What you really need is one of those Bachman Missile flat cars :). Nice detailing on the layout btw. You may like to see the thread about the Island Pond Railroad, an outdoor railroad my dad is building in our yard.
I'm an avid Colorado narrow gauge fan. But, since I don't have the space or the money for a real layout right now, I do all my railroading on my PC :)

Here's a my K-27 sitting at the Ridgway, CO depot.

This brings up an interesting thought - has anyone ever done a rocket on rail? Think rocket cars, but a car set on a rail. I bet that thing would cruise forever.
Doesn't the Air Force or NASA have a setup for that out in the desert somewhere? They use it for testing everything from ejection seats to hypersonic nose cones. I'm sure someone's got some cool pictures and/or video clips.