rockets and fireworks?

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Jun 6, 2004
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So does anybody have any tricks for combining rockets/rocket engines and fireworks?
I'm not sure what your getting at, but I think that sounds like a really bad idea...
Originally posted by radiO
So does anybody have any tricks for combining rockets/rocket engines and fireworks?

Since the 4th of July is around the corner you might get a few sensitive remarks. Hopefully this question is aimed at being patriotic and enthusiastic about celebrating our country's independence.

Fireworks and rocketry? NOT a very popular question because rockets ARE NOT fireworks. They are two distinct hobbies/pastimes. Introduce ANY kind of explosive material into a "rocket" and say hello to the FBI, ATFE, or someone from Homeland Security. As a rocketeer, if you are not familiar with the National Association of Rocketry I would suggest so head over to and check out the safety code.

Specifically, item #8: "Flight Safety. I will not launch my rocket at targets, into clouds, or near airplanes, and will not put any flammable or explosive payload in my rocket."

If you're looking to celebrate the 4th of July with a "bang", visit your nearest fireworks vendor.
I agree. Things that are designed to go "BOOM" "POP" "BANG" or otherwise spray flaming and sparkling materials around tend to put the security people on edge (quite understandably, IMHO). They let us slide by because we don't build rockets that intentionally do those things.

Folks on the fireworks side of the ballistics hobbies have to have far more permits and licenses than you can shake a stick at, not to mention more insurance and very regulated and controlled launches.

Let's all plan to just watch the fireworks this year and invite our UK friends to come over and enjoy with us!

Eugene is correct we in the hobby of model rocketry have spent the last 40 some years seperating and distancing ourselves from "Fireworks". I certainly would not take kindly to anyone screwing that up! Please don't even think about combining the two.
If you think we have regulatory problems now..just continue this line of thinking...Which will truely spell the end of the hobby.

Very bad idea. Please don't! in any form.

very concerned
You could build a model of a Congreve Rocket, which looks like a firework. The main problem if you're thinking of doing this for an Independence Day celebration is that this rocket was used by the "bad guys", i.e. us. :D

I'd like to see fireworks supplied with igniters like those used for model rockets - much safer than lighting a blue touch paper and hoping you can run far enough before the firework goes off!
roger that! i understand what everyone is saying. when you grow up near washington and idaho (BIG legal fireworks) you tend to get a bit creative with your fireworks.

....all in good fun, of course!