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Jan 13, 2004
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Well, I may have to stop flying rockets at my home. It's a shame since we all have several acres. (It only takes one bad apple I guess)

See, there has been an ongoing pissing contest over the property line, (which was started by my neighbors when they mowed half my yard to try to claim my pond) I decided to just put up a fence to end the war. When they heard I was building a fence, they actually saved me a couple hundred bucks by having thier yard surveyed!!! (so nice of them:p ) I guess they didnt think I was smart enough to do that. Anyway, since I have all these nice new markers with pretty bright tape, I will use it to my advantage and construct my fence and wall of pine trees.

Just seems hypocritical to do all that and chase rockets over there on their property sometimes.
And think, I moved out of a subdivision and to the country and end up with these people. :kill: :kill: :kill:

This is kinda like our launch field, people that are kinda against rockets on one side and people that don't mind on the other... Good thing my G-Force landed on the good side.
my neighbors were the same way. We needed to put up a fence to keep them out.
Reminds me of when I was a teen in suburban Chicago. I used to do very low power flights in my back yard. One day, one of our neighbors called asking for me. Now, this particular neighbor was rumored to be something of a curmudgeon. All we neighbor kids knew was that he looked like a hobo and had *huge* dogs that barked and growled a lot. When this guy called I nearly wet my diaper just walking to the phone. "Are you the one flying rockets?" I stammered out something about how they weren't dangerous and not even flying very high. He interrupted me and said, "I don't care about that. My grandkids are coming for a visit and I'll pay you to build each of them a rocket and fly it for them when they're here." Turns out we had a great time (at least until one of his grandkids insisted on a C6-5 in something like an Alpha...*gone*).
reminds me of one of my neighbors(vietnam vet)who, I caught by suprise one morning
just as I launched a mini mars lander.he was stepping onto his back porch... just as ,he heard the motor and saw the streak from the corner of his eye
I thought he fell ........he said "no for a second I thought (,,,flashback,,),incoming!"

we both still have a good laugh about it
I don't have any neighbors like that, I lost my first rocket by launching in the yard.
So, maybe there is some wisdom in the old saying, "Good fences make good neighbors"

I'll bet that if you could ask the guy who bought the house next door, he would tell you the real estate agent told him his yard would include the lake. Ya gotta watch those slimey b&^%*#ds!
Reminds me of the time my son and I were launching in the park behind our house and our rocket drifted over onto a house bordering the park. Walking around to the front we could see it on his porch roof. I knocked on the door and and asked him if I could get our Code Red rocket off his roof. He gave us some strange looks cause I was 52 at that time and my son was 34. He was nice enough but gave us that "you got to be kidding" look. Hey, I didn't care, I wanted my rocket! I told him we'd have to go home and get a ladder, he insisted we use his. Probably figured he'd get rid of these two nuts quicker if he let us use his ladder.

Moral of the story: Don't care what others think just have a good time flying rockets.
reminds me of our neighbor... this lady has been pretty reasonable for a long time but must have finally got a belly full of all the rockets & airplanes.

my son's Guillows styrofoam Space Shuttle went over the fence and her boxers ate it.

she wouldn't let us get it before they ate it and yet she threatened to sue for the vet bill if the dogs got sick!

I think some more styrofoam stuff might go over the fence ... ;^P

anybody know where we can get more Guillow's shuttles? this one came from Cape Kennedy so was somewhat special. but I can't find any other shops that carry them. the Guillow's one is neat because it actually flies well. would do great on a D12 booster :)
Originally posted by Swimmer
Moral of the story: Don't care what others think just have a good time flying rockets.
Roger that! ;)

Man, what a grump. I work at an animal clinic and I find it highly unlikely that a dog even a Boxer would eat styrofoam and please feel free to tell her that I said that.

Back to business, since she's obviously had a fill of rockets. To drive her and her dogs absolutely insane, static fire an AT G40W in your yard. It's very loud, fiery, smokey and it burns for about 3 seconds.:D :D
yeah, what a grump! I thought dogs would be smart enough not to eat styrofoam but they did tear up the shuttle completely and there wasn't many bits on the grass...

we haven't static tested any big motors. instead we've been testing ejection charges and altimeters, and minor pyrotechnics for a youth group ceremony tomorrow :)

we ought to fire off some more saucers and the shuttlecock and some micromaxx. the neighbor kids love it.
Originally posted by Donaldsrockets

Back to business, since she's obviously had a fill of rockets. To drive her and her dogs absolutely insane, static fire an AT G40W in your yard. It's very loud, fiery, smokey and it burns for about 3 seconds.:D :D

F20s are good too ;) Don't they burn for like 4 seconds? F10s burn for awhile but i can remember if they are loud or not. They are expensive tho.
Yeah, F20's work work great too. No, F10's are not loud at all. I once saw one go. The 8 second burn was very cool but I don't think it was much louder than an Estes D12 or E9 black powder motor.
G35 all the way! 3 or so second burn!!!:cool:

An F20 would also do ya fine... Nice black smoke with a while flame (Nothing like the normal WL propellant....:confused: ) Loud, too! Or you could always take a film canister of BP out there to "test" your controller with an Estes ignitor....:D ;) (actually I wouldent do this... A fireball would proabably consume you and your yard. Go with the F20 ;) ;) ;))

What a grouch.... Give her a good piece of your mind, and demand she pay for the shuttle. Do people get in trouble when thier nasty dogs rip people to shreds? Yes. Do they get in trouble when thier dogs ruin property? Yes. Should they get in trouble when thier dogs ruin ROCKETS? DEFINETLY!:kill:

Oh, and for the pond-claiming neighbors, get one of the big 6' stockade fences with the 4" beams as supports....:D ;)
I went out and flew yesterday, and the guy was standing in his doorway watching me get my rockets back. He never said anything to me.

He also likes to play this game by pretending there isn't any problems. You know, smile, wave, try to talk, meanwhile, there is the property line issue we're pretending isn't happening. There really isn't an issue as far as I'm concerned. What's his is his and what's mine is mine. The issue is whether or not I'm allowed to come get my rockets.

I am a responsible pet owner and do not let my dogs run, but I have a FAST puppy that gets across the yards before I can catch it. I always rush over and get it back. That is another reason for the fence. But again, If it's an issue say so. (I worry he is the type of guy that may kick the dog before I get there)

I was outside and he starts calling my name for our usual fake friendly neighbor chat. I just rolled my eyes and kept doing what I was doing. It was probably the wrong thing to do and may have escalated it to another level, but the way I feel is we don't need to talk eveytime I'm outside, and we don't need to fake smile and wave and act like there aren't issues at hand. Just Buzz off Dude. If I have to I wont fly if it's a problem, just tell me and knock off the fake crap.

I'm glad he surveyed and saved me money, but I was still pretty insulted.

So cls, how did you handle your neighbor and the Boxer issue? Keep flying?:D
one of the farmers on the side of our field sounds just like your neighbors. when he is in a "good" mood he will let u go and get your rockets but in you are one foot over his property line and he catches you, uh oh. one time he cussed out our LCO!! funny though that he hates the rockets in his trees and WANTS us to come and get them???