Rockets and an RV trip


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May 25, 2021
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Greetings rocketeers, I am a new member and this is my first post. I've been around a bit, and enjoyed rocketry back when Estes first came out in the late 60's in New Mexico, and then took it up again with my kids in the early 90's in the Bay Area, but launch sites were hard to come by. I now have a grandson I want to introduce to rocketry, and a while back I got an estes starter kit, but I haven't even bothered to give it to him because it is almost impossible to launch rockets in the Bay Area. We are going on a post-covid bucket list RV trip from the Bay Area, to Grand Canyon, Los Alamos, Arches, Bryce Great Basin and back. We will be spending time out in the great deserts of Arizona, Utah and Nevada, which would seem to have plenty of wide open launch places, but I am not sure about the legality of basically pulling off to the side of the road some where, to fire off some rockets. The rockets we are using are low level using B4-4 and B6-4 engines. Does anyone know of any show up and launch places along or near I 40 in Arizona and New Mexico, I 70 in Utah or Highway 50 in Nevada that might offer a great place to introduce the grandson to rocketry?

Sandy H.

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Mar 20, 2009
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I don't have an explicit answer to your question, as I'm on the East Coast, but given the true Low Power aspect of the rocket, I think the real question is where is safe (fires are bad!) and where are you allowed to be. Hopefully some members can give specific recommendations, but I would assume true desert areas where people often go to ride dirt bikes, run sand rails, do rock crawling etc., are in that region and an LPR rocket launch would be acceptable, assuming burn bans and other safety concerns don't supersede that thought.