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Rocketry Warehouse/Madcow 1.6" Fiberglass Go Devil - NIB

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Jan 17, 2009
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Purchased this kit about one year ago, kit is new in box

38mm Black 5:1 VK Filament Wound Nosecone / Red Tip
38mm G12 Red Thin Wall Fiberglass Airframe 30 inches
38mm G12 Red Fiberglass Coupler 6 inches
38mm G12 Red Thin Wall Fiberglass Airframe 12 inches
38mm G12 Red Thin Wall Fiberglass Switchband 1 Inch
3 Black G10 Fiberglass 1/16" Thick Fins
2 G10 Fiberglass AV-Bay Lids
1 G10 Fiberglass Bulk Plate
Fin Allignment Guides
Vinyl Decals

This Kit Features
Minimum Diameter
Thin Wall Tubing (light Weight)
Flies on anything from an G to an J
Weight Just over 1 Lb
Just over 50 Inches Tall
Fiberglass design
Fiberglass Tip (nearly indestructible)


Selling Price $45.00 plus shipping