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Jul 11, 2010
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I am working on a RW All American, a 4 inch/54mm Fiberglass kit.

So I started fitting the parts and when I bought the kit I also purchased a 54 P retainer. it is a very tight fight to the motor tube. It is so tight I can not put it on all the way, not even half way.

I started sanding with 60 grit sandpaper and it helped a little. I measured the OD of the tube, and the ID of the retainer with a digital caliper and I.D. of the retainer is within a few hundreths of a mm.

Should I keep sanding? Or do I need to go nuclear with a dremel or a belt sander? Is this a common issue? I have never built a fiber glass kit before.
I usually hit it with the sanding drum on the Dremel. Few trips around till it fits.
A Dremel like tool is a FG kit builders friend. I do the same as RKeller. It only takes a few times around MMT with not a lot of pressure.
I don't mess around, I just start with the belt sander. Even pressure 5 or 6 times around and you are there.