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Jan 20, 2009
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Has anyone received their NAR Member's Guide recently? I renewed back in December.


FlightSketch - flightsketch.com
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Dec 27, 2018
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Hi , I’d like to request to have FlightSketch added to the vendor list. We now have kits from Estes, LOC Precision and Semroc. Motors and hardware from Aerotech, Quest and Estes. Plus motor retainers, adapters and stainless steel recovery hardware from Aero Pack and some misc building supplies and adhesives as well.

New products are being added regularly, please let us know what you’d like to see.

For electronics, we are also planning a larger production run for the FlightSketch Mini altimeter. Apologies to anyone who missed out on the first round. We will post updates as soon as we can.



High Desert Rocketry

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Mar 21, 2011
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The following 2 posts are a long but partial list of resources for the rocketeer. If you have changes to the links, add them to the thread and a moderator will make them as soon as they can.


3D Rocketry http://3drocketry.com
A2Z Hobbies www.a2zhobbies.com
ACSupply http://www.acsupplyco.com
Additive Aerospace (3D printed flyaways and more): https://www.additiveaerospace.com/
Aerocon Aerospace http://www.aeroconsystems.com/index.html
Animal Motor Works http://cart.amwprox.com/
Apogee Components www.apogeerockets.com
Bay Area Rocketry www.barocketry.com
Balsa Machining Service www.balsamachining.com
Belleville hobby www.bellevillehobby.com
Boyce Aerospace Hobbies www.boyceaerospacehobbies.com
BRS Hobbies www.brshobbies.com
Coast Rocketry www.coastrocketry.com
Commonwealth http://www.cdimodelrocketry.com/
Discount Rocketry www.discountrocketry.com
Dynasoar Rocketry (Frank Burke's foam RC gliders): https://dynasoarrocketry.com/
FlightSketch https://flightsketch.com/store/
Giant Leap Rocketry www.giantleaprocketry.com
Great Hobbies www.greathobbies.com
Heavenly Hobbies www.heavenlyhobbies.com/home.html
Hobby Linc www.hobbylinc.com
Jon Rocket www.jonrocket.com
Launch Pad 2000 www.launchpad2000.com
Leading Edge Rocketry http://leadingedgerocketry.com
Mach 1 (newer vendor of fiberglass LPR/MPR kits): http://www.mach1rocketry.com/
Merlin Missile Solutions http://www.merlinmissiles.com/
Off We Go Rocketrywww.offwegorocketry.com/
Performance Hobbies www.performancehobbies.com
Photos By Nadine www.photosbynadine.com
Ray Dunakin's Aerial Photography raydunakin.com/Site/Welcome.html
Rebel Rocketry (Netherlands) https://www.rebelspace.net
Rockets & Things UKhttp://www.rocketsandthings.com
Rocketarium www.rocketarium.com
SierraFox Hobbies (Italy) www.sierrafoxhobbies.com
Sirius Rocketry www.siriusrocketry.com
Star Rocketry www.starrocketry.com
The Rocket Garden www.therocketgarden.com
UDISCO www.udisco.com/
Uncle Mike's Rocket Shack http://www.unclemikesrocketshack.com
Wildman Rocketry www.wildmanrocketry.com/
Zeppelin Hobbies www.zephobby.com

If you have changes to the links, add them to the thread and a moderator will make them as soon as they can.
Awesome list, I just started one on FaceBook
( https://www.facebook.com/groups/276405126781223/ )

can I copy and add to your list...I'll credit you and this site for it.

Mike Haberer

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Jan 7, 2019
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I spun through all of the links at the top of the post, there are a lot of bad ones that need to be cleaned up. Here's the list...

3D Rocketry http://3drocketry.com - IP not found
A2Z Hobbies www.a2zhobbies.com - Chinese (non-rocket) site
Commonwealth http://www.cdimodelrocketry.com/ - blank page
Rebel Rocketry (Netherlands) https://www.rebelspace.net - never connects
Cygnus Rocketry http://www.cygnusrocketry.com - IP not found
RocketChutes www.rocketchutes.com - 404 Not Found
Thrustline Aerospace www.thrustlineaerospace.com - IP not found
Roadrunner Rocketry http://roadrunnerrocketry.com - out of business
Adept Rocketry www.adeptrocketry.com - domain for sale
AED Electronics http://www.aedelectronics.nl - out of business
Beginning Model Rocketry www.flythingz.com/rocketry/ - domain for sale
HPR Strength of Materials www.rocketmaterials.org - domain for sale
Info Central www.info-central.org - domain for sale
Rakety - plánky www.mo-na-ko.net/rakety-planky.htm#Monika - DANGEROUS WEBSITE
Rockets Magazine www.libertylaunchsystems.com - never loads
Rocketry Online www.rocketryonline.com - domain for sale
Rocketry.Org www.rocketry.org - blank page
Sunward Aerospace http://www.sunward1.com/eduresources.htm - bad link, page not found
The Wayback Machine http://web.archive.org/collections/web.html - not found
Orbiter Space Flight Simulator http://www.medphys.ucl.ac.uk/~martins/orbit/orbit.html - bad link
Rocket Calculator www.rocketcalculator.com - domain for sale
RockSim www.apogeerockets.com/rocketry_software.asp - bad link
VCP Software http://v-serv.com/vcp/ - 404 not found
Winroc http://www.drmoore.org/winroc.htm - not found
CD Spool Rockets www.cdspoolrocket.info - IP not found
Dr. Sue's Rocket Works http://www.drsuesrocketworks.com/ - IP not found
Fireman Rocketry www.firemanrocketry.com - IP not found
Mike's Rocketry Album www.angelfire.com/space2/rocketry2 - domain for sale
rocketn00bwww.rocketn00b.blogspot.ca - not private, bad cert
Nate's Rockets www.nates-rockets88.8m.com - IP not found
PVC Rocketryhttp://pvcrocketry.com - domain for sale
Wolfstar designs www.wolfstardesigns.com - no rocket stuff
Lansburgen Cardstock Models (non-flying) www.lansbergen.net - no rocket stuff


At Mad Rocket Basement
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Jan 18, 2009
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Toronto, ON Canada
Due to changes in the forum, I can't edit the post. This would need to be done by admins