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Oct 7, 2022
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miami florida
Hello to all those reading this post,
I've recently started college and joined the AIAA rocketry team. We are working on the NASA student launch. In the design and construction process our Ibis 1 rocket, we have greatly benefited from all the resources shared here. While looking for answers for Ibis 1, I realize what a great community Rocketry Forum is that I just needed to join. I'm looking forwards to getting my L1 before the new year, if school allows me to, but for now i'll just focus on Ibis 1.
Not sure what Ibis 1 is but welcome to the hobby and the forum!

If you want to go for L1, it's fairly easy if you have any rocketry experience. You can use most Aerotech kits if you want stock. I suggest something fat so you don't have to walk a mile for recovery! 😛
Welcome! I was a newbie as well... 55 or so years ago!

I agree, this is a great bunch of people and there is a wealth of information and experience available. Best to you on your build, but...

PLEASE POST PICS! (Of the rocket...)
I like that.... your post calls yourself a Rocketry Newbie, but you've got a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering, which probably means you already know waaaayyy more about rocketry than I do. Welcome anyhow! And as the "Everyday Astronaut" says: Keep the pointy side up and the flamey side down, you've got a rocket!