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All good science requires note taking. I think you have hit on an important point in that there are thousands of ideas ou there that get lost on cocktail napkins and placemats. I have some older composition books laying around...this is good time to put them to use!!
If you go into a certain classroom and look at a certain table at my school, you'll find some drawings like that on it... It wasn't me :rolleyes:
My logbook at my last job has sketches like that. It was a mistake, because when I left, they made me leave them behind :(
As Flying mentioned all good science needs note taking. Some folks use full size note books, others put everything in there computers. I've found over the years those little half sheet spirial bound note books are Great for logging your R&D notes, sketches, ideas, and keeping notes on a specific project or experiment your conducting.
Once I finalize a design, R&D project outline or experiment I try to convert the data including the original sketches into a computer file and/or hard copies if only by scanning and/or pasting the scrap sketch in the book for the express purpose of passing the info along to others.

I think the passing of knowledge is the most important thing we can do.

I can tell you, I carry at least one of these handy dandy little notebooks with me all the time...

This is a wonderful Thread! Glad to see your adding to the data base:D
This sounds like a great idea.Im forever scribbling and writing down notes,all of which get lost in the general quagmire.i like the idea of pasting the doodles i make at work into a journel for future reference.:)
Thanks for all of your posative feedback folks. I was begining to think I was being a little too extreme/mental:confused: with the journal keeping. My wife claims she is a rocket widow, but only from time to time. :D